Sunday, March 02, 2008

0053: kobe y pau

i was going for a fight night/lady of guadalupe mural/ alponse mucha kind of illustration.
they will definitely win it this year.

on a side note: i just watched "The Darjeeling Limited"

it definitely shot up to #2 in my all time favorite wes anderson movies.
here's my list:
1. rushmore
2. the darjeeling limited
3. the royal tenenbaums
4. bottle rocket
5. the life aquatic with steve zissou

if you disagree with my list, i'll meet you on the roof of the tallest building in burbank at midnight. come alone and wear all black. bring your note cards and key points because we'll have ourselves a good ol' fashioned debate!


santino lascano said...

switch up Rushmore and Tenenbaums...and we got the same list.

Sorrentino said...

man, you quite the talented designer! this is sick, I can see the Mucha refernce too, works well!! I need some design pointers. You and I should have a sit down. By the way Darjeeling Limited is friggin awesome, visually very stunning, perhaps his most and the story is quite EMO, love it!